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Complete your Probate cases 36% more quickly

ProbateAdmin is a remarkably efficient Probate system.

Increase your profitability by drastically cutting down the time you spend on every case. Our calculations suggest this will be 36% less than using MSWord and MSExcel templates. What's more, you won’t sacrifice the quality of your clients' experience to do it.

This system was built as a super-tool by and for those who administer estates. 

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Providing a Number 1 Probate Service To Clients

Dynamic Workflow

ProbateAdmin brings a new type of workflow to Probate. As assets, liabilities and contacts are added to a case ProbateAdmin dynamically adjusts the workflow. Only adding what each case needs  and automating the production of most items. That's how you  deliver a great case experience to your client but only use minutes of your time.

Customisation Assistance

ProbateAdmin provides every customer with a dedicated service for precedent letters and documents. So there's no need for any administration training. You can either use the default set we provide or send us your own version. If you want to make any changes to letters, documents or workflows you just send us an email.

Really Useful Support

ProbateAdmin’s support staff have many years of probate  experience. So, as well as helping you use the software, they understand the job that you have to do and how to help you get it done efficiently. Our Helpdesk is open 24/7 for you to raise any queries.

Take the 20 minute challenge

We believe that ProbateAdmin is so efficient, a user can write all the standard letters and execute all the necessary forms to complete the administration of a reasonably simple tax paying Estate with only 20 minutes of a Case Worker's time on the system. If you don’t believe us? Watch the video and then take the challenge yourself. We’ll email you details of a case, grant you free access to ProbateAdmin and if you can send us a video no longer than 20 mins showing you producing the IHT400 and Estate Accounts, we will give you a £20 Amazon Gift voucher.

Accessible from All Locations

ProbateAdmin lives on the Internet. There's no need for you to have a Networked Server System for all your users to access ProbateAdmin. We will provide your users with their own username and password. The system will track everything they do and provide a comprehensive history of all work done so that managers can see every action that has been carried out.  


Simple per case Pricing


ProbateAdmin Silver allows you to use the ProbateAdmin financial package comprising IHT Form completion and Estate Account generation alongside your current case management system

£50 to open case
£25 for each £100,000 or part, that the value of the Estate exceeds £300,000  

On an Estate where the fee charged is £3,000, ProbateAdmin Silver should save you £400 in time and cost just £100  increasing your profits by 10%


ProbateAdmin Gold includes all the features of Silver plus our full workflow system with precedent letters and documents, dynamic workflow and Microsoft Integration.

£75 to open case
£25 for each £100,000 or part, that the value of the Estate exceeds £300,000  

On an Estate where the fee charged is £4,000, ProbateAdmin Gold should save you £1,440 in time and cost just £125 increasing your profits by 32.86%

We've Come a Long Way

Read about the journey our software has taken.

If, like us, you are fed up with case management systems that have just been tweaked to provide a probate experience but aren't specifically designed to undertake and manage the work of Estate Administrators then take a look at ProbateAdmin. This system has a journey that started many years ago out of user frustration and a desire to create a software solution that really helps with those time consuming tasks that all of us have to deal with in our working day. What we have achieved is a system that is streamlined and bespoke for any case that you deal with. You can see where you are easily and have the maximum amount of control over a case that a software system can give you.


What People are Saying

“'I'm really pleased with how easy it is to use this system. I feel I am in complete control of all the cases I am working on.”

“I like the way I can produce Estate Accounts with a single click at any time in the life of a case.”

“Being able to easily and quickly reconcile what's in the Firm's client bank account with what the Estate Accounts say I have to distribute,

saves so much time.”

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